How to install a corner gutter downspout

For any gutter installation it is always necessary to define and install the downspouts. These are the pieces where the water collected by the gutter flows down. One of the main characteristics of this piece is to channel the water to an area where it does not affect the structural foundations of the building, since it is very common that the drainage drains right into the columns due to multiple factors (installation error, bad design, etc.). This is a problem that worsens over time as it weakens the supports of the building due to the accumulation of water around the columns, undermining the foundations.

In this article I show you how to install a corner gutter downspout in an effective, fast and simple way. In addition to an explanation of the tools and materials needed to perform such work.

The first thing we must do is to determine where we will place the downspouts. Generally, they are placed in corners since we want this part of the installation to be as inconspicuous as possible. Also, in case it is necessary, proceed to clean the gutter eliminating garbage residues that have accumulated. This accumulation of garbage in the gutters occurs when the water that travels a long distance, travels across the roof and drags with it debris, tree leaves, and dust. All this dirt accumulates in the gutters if there are no downspouts or if they are poorly distributed. In addition, a poor distribution of these downspouts can also cause overflows because they do not have sufficient capacity to drain a very high volume of water.

Materials needed.

Adding a downspout to your gutter system is really quick it will take you about 15- 20 minutes.

So what you are going to need for this type of job is, of course, a piece of downspout (small extension that sits between the two elbows), two elbows (these provide the bend needed to channel the downspout from the gutter to the wall), joint piece between the downspout and the gutter, drill, crown bit to drill the gutter outlet, anchors, screws, tin snips, silicone sealant, rivets, clamps (the ones that will hold the downspout to the wall), fastening hooks, hacksaw and polishing machine.

Procedure of how to install a corner gutter downspout.

Step 1.

The first thing to consider is the location of the downspout, in this step we must evaluate what is the correct position of the downspout of our gutter. The ideal would be to locate it in an area that is a corner of the building and that its mouth or outlet of the downspout can be channeled about two meters away from the foundations. With this in mind, we drill a hole with the crown bit and the drill in the place where we want it, or we can also use the tin snips to perform this operation.

Another aspect to consider is the diameter of our downspout, since it increases or decreases depending on the volume of water collected at the outlet (Technical guide for designing a gutter). Once we have defined the downspout diameter, we must drill the gutter with this same diameter.

Step 2.

In this next step we will install the joint piece between the gutter and the downspout. This is done using a silicone sealant and 3 screws. The first thing to do is to drill three holes around the joint piece and the gutter in the same position where it will be installed. This can be done with self-tapping screws or screws with nuts and washers.

After the drilling is done, we proceed to cover the contact area with silicone and fix the piece. If the fastening is done with self-tapping screws, the part is screwed after applying the silicone and if it is done with screws and nuts, the part is placed so that all the perforations coincide, the silicone is applied and the part is screwed tightening the screws with the nuts.

Step 3.

Next we proceed to place the first elbow that directs the pipe towards the wall or column. This is inserted into the joint between the gutter and the downspout. We must present the pipe that joins the two elbows in its position to be able to measure where to cut and that it is the right size. Normally this piece is manufactured so that it can be adjusted to a length that suits us for installation.

After we have the piece ready with the mark where we have to cut, we proceed to remove the excess part. To do this we use a hacksaw or a polishing machine, and we join the two elbows with the intermediate pipe piece.

Step 4.

To continue with the procedure of how to install a corner gutter downspout we measure the height of the drain pipe to be installed on the wall or column and mark to drill and place the clamps that will hold the pipe in position. After measuring and having the length to which we must cut the pipe, we proceed to cut this element, and for this we can do it with the polishing machine or with the hacksaw. Keep in mind that the drainage pipe is also attached to the drainage elbow, which is the piece that channels the water out of the building.

We continue drilling the holes in the wall for the clamps and hooks that will hold the pipe. For this we use the drill and a drill suitable for the screws we are going to use. It is recommended that before marking the location of the holes we use a plumb line or level to ensure the verticality of the installation.

The perforations detailed above should be spaced at 24-inch intervals and for pipes larger than 4 inches in diameter, this distance should be reduced by half (12 inches). It is important to note that these straps will support the entire structure.

Step 5.

Now we place the anchors to the wall and for this operation we will use the hammer. The anchors can be either plastic or lead, both of which provide excellent support. The pipe is placed in position and fixed with the fastening straps. It is important that for the placement of the fastening straps, first install the one that would be located at the top and then the last one, located at the bottom of the pipe. This is with the objective of keeping the complete pipe in position, besides that with this way we can verify the verticality of the complete system. We then continue placing the other straps until the fixation is complete. 

Step 6.

In the last step of our procedure, we place the outlet elbow, which is nothing more than the piece that directs the outflow of water to the outside. Subsequently we attach a piece of pipe with a distance of 1.5 to 2 meters long to separate the outlet of the water flow from the foundations of the building.


With this set of steps that we have detailed for you we provide you with the necessary concepts and procedures of how to install a corner gutter downspout. In addition, we define the essential materials to execute this installation. Following this series of recommendations, we guarantee you that you are in full capacity to be able to perform this operation by yourself.

An important topic that should never be missing in articles like this one, is the security issue. Take into account that you will be working at a considerable height, so we recommend you to avoid any unsafe condition that could cause an accident. Use firm and adequate ladders for this type of work. And if necessary, we also recommend you to use a harness to avoid possible falls.

We hope this article will help you with the installation of the gutter downspout and at the same time protect the foundations of your home.