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Larry Mitchell
Larry Mitchell

My name is Larry Mitchell, and I welcome you to GeamyHome.com, a website where you get articles and insight on anything and everything relating to DIY home repairs and maintenance. All articles are written by me and result from my experience and expertise. Though I have become a DIY enthusiast, I didn’t start out as one.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be an engineer. I loved this manufacturing industry and always dreamed of getting to the top of the ladder in the sector. However, ten years into that journey to the top, I realized I wasn’t getting the fulfilment I thought I would. After spending another year struggling with the decision to quit, considering its implications, I finally did in 2014.

While trying to decide what my next course was, I tried my hand at fixing faulty home appliances by myself. I watched so many videos, and I became adept at repairing and maintaining household appliances. I also extended my expertise to neighbours and friends. So, I essentially became the residential handyman for my neighbourhood, and I did it for free.

My success with these made me extend my competency into other services: home improvement, pest control, pool maintenance, decorations, cleaning services, and DIY projects. And with each new skill I became proficient in, I enjoyed a sense of accomplishment that drove me to learn more.

My professional background wouldn’t let me just rest on my competence; I had to be professionally certified in these skills. And so, I began applying for professional certifications, and I now have countless certifications under my belt. I also taught my friends and neighbours some of these skills, so they don’t always have to rely on hired services.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought so many challenges, one of them being the necessary restrictions on movement. During this period, only essential services could function, meaning that services like pool maintenance and home improvement were unavailable.

This challenge took the concept of DIY to a whole new level. Before, DIYs were for enthusiasts or those who couldn’t afford the financial implications of hiring professional services. But the pandemic brought the consciousness that you may be unable to afford professional services, but for whatever reason, they couldn’t be unavailable.

DIY allows you to resolve whatever issue you have at home, either permanently or at least until you can get a professional to fix it. So, yes, DIY as a first aid! This realization, and of course, the chance to create a revenue source, inspired me to create this website. I’ll be able to use my experience to help people resolve problems with household and office appliances.

The truth is that most of these household maintenance services are easy to learn, if only you have a good tutor, and at GleamyHome.com, you’ve found one! So, from air conditioning units to clogged sinks, you’ll learn how to resolve the issue with just a few clicks on your keyboard.